Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some questions I expect you might ask. Make sure to read through these before reaching out to us as it's possible I'll answer your question below!

Account Questions

Q. I haven't received my account activation email. What should I do?
A. It can take up to 5 minutes to receive your account activation email. Most likely if you don't see it, it's unfortunately in your spam folder... if you don't see it there, try resending your confirmation email.
Q. I created an account, but how do I enter my church details?
A. Sorry that it wasn't intuitive... you'll have to go to your profile page and then click "Add Church". If you've done that already, you can edit your church details by clicking "My Church" in the top menu bar and then "Edit Info".
Q. Can someone else from my church have access to my account?
A. Great question. We highly discourage multiple people from using the same account login details. That being the case, we allow multiple accounts to have access to the same church on the "200 members or higher" plan. If you're alredy on this plan, or one above it, all you have to do is have them sign up for an account, then you can send us an email with their full name and email address and I'll add them to your church. We know it's not the most ideal process since it's not automatic, but it's the way our software works for now. We're working to add a feature to allow you to do this by yourself.

Data Import Questions

Q. All photos don't seem to be imported. Did I do something wrong?
A. Make sure that the person has a membership type assigned to them. Anyone without a membership type will not be imported into this tool.
Q. Can you import member data from more than Planning Center?
A. Right now we only automatically import from planning center, but we can integrate with other sources as well. Please send me an email and I can let you know how long it will take to integrate with your data source.

Other Questions

Q. I'm getting a weird error message. What should I should?
A. Well that's weird... go ahead and send me an email and I'll address this immediately. Please include a screenshot of the page / error messagee.
Q. Anytime I try to navigate to my church page it sends me to a different page.
A. Well that's weird... go ahead and send me an email explaining the page you're trying to access and where it is sending you.
Q. It would be great if you had [INSERT IDEA HERE] feature, can you add it?
A. I'm glad you're asking this question! Reach out and I'll see if we can add it. Note, some featurers require a lot of work so it will take some time for me to get it done.

Billing Questions

Q. Is the FREE plan really FREE?
A. Hah, yea it is. You will never be charged as long as you do not exceed the number of members allowed on that plan.
Q. Am I locked into a yearly plan when I sign up?
A. While most platforms require yearly memberships, we think it's a better service to you to charge on a monthly basis. This way you can cancel anytime you want if our platform is not for you. (please note if there's a feature you want added, you can reach out and I'll see what we can do)
Q. How do I cancel my subscription?
A. Email me and I will cancel your subscription immediately. You can cancel for any reason, but I do ask that you include the reason you'd like to cancel. As oftentimes the reason is something I'm able to resolve / help with.