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Secure Member

Just need a place to securely store your membership data? No problem! Easily store, sort, edit, and filter through your members!

Printable Membership Directories

Whoever said a membership directory isn't important isn't up on the latest 9marks literature. Help your members know and pray for the other members in your congregation - and stop spending hours on end trying to compile your directory yourself!

Planning Center Integration

We now integrate directly with Planning Center and other online tools! Extend your current functionality with Church Membership Directory!

How it Works

Get set up in 5 minutes or less!

  • 1. Add or Import
    Member Data

    Add in each member manually or upload a CSV file of your member data and we'll import it all automatically! (It's super easy to export your Planning Center data and import it into this tool)

  • 2. Customize Your Directory

    After everything is imported, it's time to customize your directory! You will decide here what information you'd like to hide/show about each member. Want a page at the end that lists all of the children in your church by their household? No problem!

  • 3. Generate Your Directory

    After this it's just a one-button click and you're good to print! Your directory is output in a PDF format for easy printing and sharing.

  • It's


I try to be up-front and reasonable with the pricing for this website. There are no hidden fees.
If the cost is an issue, please reach out as there are scholarships available. I created this site to bless churches and don't want finances to get in the way of this being able to help your church.

Up to 50 members

(unlimited children)

100% FREE

Up to 100 members

(unlimited children)


Up to 200 members

(unlimited children)


Up to 400 members

(unlimited children)


Have more than 400 members? Please reach out about pricing options.
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* PLEASE NOTE: Pricing is on a per MEMBER basis. Some services charge per person (i.e. if you have 180 members, but 320 people total including children, you will be charged for 320 people. My pricing structure allows you to accomodate for the actual members you have and not have to worry about moving up pricing tiers because your church's families are growing.

Our Story

Here is how the Lord has directed our steps. We thought you might like to know!

  • Early 2017

    The Beginning

    I started working on what was then known as the directory tool at my church. An elder at the time had created it to take a csv file and turn that into our church directory.

  • Late 2017

    A New App Had Begun!

    More updates were needed to the tool and we later started using Planning.Center so this was when I started from scratch on a new tool that would integrate with planning center and automatically create a printable church directory.

  • Mid 2018

    Interest Had Grown

    I found out that many other churches were interested in finding a simple way to turn their membership data into a church directory so I started working more seriously to build out the CMD platform.

  • Late 2019

    Beta Launch

    After many months of building, testing, changing, redesigning, etc. the private beta version of Church Membership Directory was launched!

  • Early 2020

    Official Launch

    Everything was ready and it was time to launch! This is when Church Membership Directory was officially released!

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